Terms of Service

These Terms are an agreement between you and Fragment Corp. (the “Company”) a company registered according to the laws of the Republic of Seychelles with company registration number 221287. For the purposes of this document, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to Fragment Corp., ‘Telegram’ refers to Telegram Messenger Inc. and ‘you’ refers to you, the user.

1. Introduction

Fragment (the “Platform”) is a non-custodial free auction platform fully owned and operated by Company. Platform allows anyone to securely and anonymously purchase digital collectible entities via NFT-like smart contracts, purchase or give away Telegram Premium subscriptions, deposit funds to publish Telegram Ads, and withdraw rewards from the Telegram Ad Revenue Sharing Program. All transactions rely on TON, a decentralized, scalable and open-source blockchain network technology initially developed by Telegram.

1.1. Account and Authentication

Purchased collectibles are linked to the unique TON wallet of their new owner – they are not directly tied to accounts on any other platform, including those which may directly or indirectly integrate with Platform. After purchasing a collectible you are solely responsible for the safekeeping of any relevant credentials, hardware, or backups that granted you access to your TON wallet.

Company does not have access to your TON wallet and does not store any information which could trace it back to you personally or to any of your accounts. Consequently, it cannot restore the wallet or any of the collectibles contained therein if you lose your credentials.

1.2. Ownership

Purchased collectibles are securely stored on the TON blockchain’s immutable ledger. Ownership is therefore permanent and cannot be revoked, even by Company – consequently, all purchases are non-refundable. Owners may choose to privately sell their collectibles or auction them to the public at any time.

1.3. Taxes, Fees and Local Laws

Company operates with cryptocurrencies – regulations on this payment method may differ depending on your country of residence. You are solely responsible for all applicable taxes or fees and you must comply with relevant local laws.

1.4. Availability

Company may limit which countries it operates in and which of its particular services are available in certain countries at any time and without notice, in response to legal or regulatory requirements, technical limitations or other factors. Company will not compensate you for any losses incurred as a result of such changes.

2. Available Entities

Generally, entities currently available for purchase on Platform have a direct association with an element or service in the Telegram ecosystem. Collectible holders are free to either sell them to interested parties through Platform or any other third-party platform, keep them dormant indefinitely or use them on Telegram or on any service able and willing to provide associated benefits.

Platform currently includes collectible Telegram usernames and anonymous numbers for sale and auction. Additionally, it facilitates the purchase of Telegram Premium subscriptions and Telegram Ads, pursuant to the terms set out below.

Other elements, collectibles, subscriptions or services could potentially be listed in the future. Company reserves the right to auction or sell new entities or remove entities and services from the Platform at any time without notice.

The temporary or permanent removal of an entity from Platform has no bearing on previously purchased collectibles and past transactions – where applicable, ownership is permanent.

3. Agency of Purchased Collectibles

Collectibles purchased on Platform are stored in the decentralized TON immutable ledger and exist independently of their shared functionality and integration with Telegram or any other platform.

3.1. Integration with Telegram

When you purchase a collectible or service on Platform, Telegram will provide you with the perks and functionalities associated with it, however, Company makes no guarantee that this will be the case in perpetuity. Purchasing an entity on Platform does not entitle owners to any form of refund in case any company which integrates it is no longer able or willing to provide its functionalities, either partially or in full.

3.2. Relevance, Agency and Purpose

Company cannot predict or ensure the future absence of new features or events which would render previously purchased entities less effective or arguably obsolete. Consequently, by purchasing an entity you agree that it is sold “as is” – Company makes no guarantee as to its continued usefulness, inherent value, perceived prestige and profitability or lack thereof.

3.3. Range of Effective Benefits

Company offers no guarantee that platforms which integrate collectibles will do so free of charge. Any platform can integrate collectibles as it sees fit and their implementation may change at any time. Platforms are free to include additional fees and introduce extensions or restrictions on the range of benefits and features provided by each entity.

4. Telegram Ads

Company facilitates the purchase of Telegram Ads, which can be set up by eligible advertisers via the Telegram Ad Platform in accordance with the Telegram Ad Policies and Guidelines.

Platform serves solely as a means of funding your advertiser account, allowing you to use TON to purchase sponsored messages. Company makes no guarantee as to the inherent value of the ads you purchase, including their efficacy, profitability or fitness for any particular purpose.

4.1. Third-party Advertisement Guidelines

Fragment has no access to the contents of the ads you publish on Telegram, and any disputes as to the compliance of said ads with the Telegram Ad Policies and Guidelines are to be resolved solely between you and Telegram, in accordance with applicable terms.

5. Telegram Revenue Sharing

Owners of Telegram channels that are eligible for the Telegram Ad Revenue Sharing Program may use Platform to withdraw their rewards.

The currency and means of payment for such rewards will be determined by Fragment in its sole discretion.

5.1. Reward

Your reward is independently calculated by Telegram in connection with the number of valid impressions of sponsored messages displayed in eligible channels you own, subject to the Telegram Terms of Service for Ad Revenue Sharing.

5.2. Withdrawal

Company facilitates the withdrawal of Advertisement Revenue Sharing rewards by allowing users to connect their Telegram account and TON wallet to Platform. By default, rewards are issued as Toncoin (TON), which can be withdrawn to the wallet you connect to Platform. When you withdraw your reward, the transaction is stored in the decentralized, immutable TON ledger and cannot be undone – it is your responsibility to ensure that you connect the correct wallet to Platform before withdrawal.

In some countries, rewards could be paid in alternative ways, such as stablecoins or other means of payments, at the sole discretion of Fragment. Company only facilitates reward withdrawal, as available based on existing regulatory conditions.

Fragment may, either temporarily or permanently, remove your ability to withdraw RS rewards, for reasons including but not limited to violations of these Terms, as well as regulatory changes or other considerations.

5.3. Asset Management

Transactions on the TON blockchain cannot be reversed. When withdrawing rewards, make sure that the destination wallet is meant for the relevant cryptocurrency and matches your intended recipient.

6. Paid Subscriptions

Company facilitates the purchase of certain paid subscriptions which users can apply to their own accounts on third-party platforms, or give away to others at their discretion. We make no guarantee as to the inherent value, profitability or continued availability and support for any subscription sold on Platform.

6.1. Telegram Premium

Currently, Platform supports the purchase of Telegram Premium subscriptions. When purchasing a Telegram Premium subscription, either for your own account or as part of a larger giveaway, you agree to be bound by the Telegram Terms of Service and, by extension, Terms of Service for Telegram Premium.

7. Compliance with the Terms

Collectibles purchased through Platform exist independently of Telegram and you are welcome to freely integrate them into your own platform, however, their implementation or usage within the Telegram ecosystem is fully contingent on your compliance with its Terms of Service. Using these collectibles on other platforms may be further subject to the third party's terms as agreed between you and the third party.

7.1. Unilateral Removal

Fragment cannot guarantee that Telegram will not restrict or delete an account if it violates the Telegram ToS or the laws of certain countries. Additionally, the account owner may intentionally or mistakenly delete their Telegram account at any time.

If that deleted, restricted or otherwise inaccessible account were using a collectible username or phone number, it may potentially become impossible to link such a username or phone number to that Telegram account. If it were using a different type of collectible, the deletion of the account would still not revoke ownership over the collectible, however, it may at times prevent collectibles from further interaction with the Telegram ecosystem. The same generally holds true for any platform or service implementing or assigning entities sold by Platform, but Company does not guarantee that this will always be the case.

Furthermore, that account may permanently lose access to all non-collectible entities purchased from or made available by Platform, including but not limited to unwithdrawn rewards from the Telegram Ad Revenue Sharing Program, unspent Telegram advertising funds and its active premium subscription, if applicable. For clarity, Platform cannot facilitate the withdrawal of positive Telegram Ad Revenue Sharing Program reward balances accrued by Telegram accounts that have since been terminated, and such rewards are to be considered forfeit.

Generally, should any collectible, entity, subscription, service, or utility purchased on or provided by Platform lose its inherent value, or otherwise become partially or fully inaccessible as a result of your account being banned or deleted from Telegram (both if by Telegram and by yourself), Company will not be liable and you will not be compensated for your loss.

8. Changes to these Terms

We reserve the right to revise and modify these terms at our sole discretion. While we do not anticipate frequent changes, you should check this page frequently to stay updated on the latest version.

We will post a summary of any significant changes under this section.